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In the Grasshopper class we use the Attention Autism Framework to plan and carryout our daily group times. Gina Davies a specialist speech and language therapist developed this way of learning and at Lanterns we have been carrying out Attention Autism for a few years. It has been really positive and successful throughout the nursery. Sarah Watson our Communication assistant is an advanced practitioner in Attention Autism, she is able to train others on how to plan ,teach and carryout Attention Autism.

Attention Autism has 4 stages;
Stage 1 The bucket- focus
Stage 2 The attention builder- sustain
Stage 3 The interactive game- shift
Stage 4 The table activities- transition

At the start of the group we will always have a motivating toy i.e. musical/dancing etc that gains the children's attention and encourages them to sit down.
We then draw and write on a white board to show the children what is going to happen. At stage 1 we have the bucket this teaches the child how to focus their attention on the adult led agenda. In the bucket are a range of fun exciting toys, that the children watch (not touch).
At Stage 2 we are teaching the children to sustain their attention ..the attention builder. It is all about an activity that builds the children's attention by offering them something amazing, such as water pouring or foam splatting.
At stage 3 we are teaching the children to shift their attention .. the interactive game. The children have the opportunity to take a turn at a game and then watch their friends have a turn. Favourite games are 'Standing on a stool' 'Hat song' 'Oh look it's raining on me'
Stage 4 is teaching the children how to shift and refocus attention for an individual activity and then back to the group. The children watch the adult carry out an activity i.e. building a Duplo tower and are given their own kit and go to the table to work independently.

I hope this all makes sense, we aim to make the activities fun, engaging and visual and share the laughter and enjoyment. Look out for our weekly observations and see what we are doing at group time.
If you have any questions just ask, Gina Davies has a website so have a look for more information.

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