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Our week in Grasshoppers 

We are nearly at the end of half term already! It will be Christmas before we know it!!

We have had another busy 'Autumnal' week in Grasshoppers this week. In our sensory tray we had some different coloured rice( Orange and brown to match the leaves on the trees!) The children have enjoyed filling and emptying small pots and watching the rice as it falls through their fingers.

At the table this week we have been practising holding our pens, crayons and pencils to colour in scarecrow pictures. We have alternated this with some orange play dough flavoured with cinnamon. The children have had fun rolling the dough with the rolling pins. We have been pushing the dough with our hands and squeezing it through our fingers. We also had match sticks to poke holes in the dough too.

In the messy area we had some paint inside zippy wallets that the children enjoyed moving around with their fingers. They were looking at their hands and wondering how they were not covered in paint!! This is a nice activity for those children who don't like getting their hands dirty as well.

We had oranges and carrots for food explorers. The children had to use a lot of strength to cut into them using the children's knives. There has been a lovely combination of smells in our room this week....with oranges and cinnamon!!

On the floor we had the kitchen in with pretend food and cups and saucers. This has been very popular and all of the children have had a go at exploring it all. Some of the wooden food has velcro in the middle so that the children can use wooden knives to cut the food in half and share with their friends. There was also a wooden pizza with assorted toppings which the children loved to play with.

Autumn has been the focus of our group times this week too. At stage 2, we have had Leaf dropping on to a white shower curtain which has been really memorising to watch as the leaves slowly floated down. We also shook powder paint over leaf shapes and had paint splodge using cotton wool balls soaked in paint!

Stage 3 was very popular this week as we did ' Raining on you' the children are invited up to sit on a stool and hold an umbrella while the lead adult gently sprays water on to the umbrella from a watering can which has the effect of gentle rain falling! This is always a stage 3 that all of the children enjoy doing!

Our songs this week were Dingle dangle scarecrow and Hickory dickory dock