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Hi everyone!
We hope you have noticed the walk and talk boards situated either side of the classroom doors with a brief overview of some of our learning the children have been engaged in during the week which also includes our main stories, songs and Makaton signs for the week. Please take a minute to have a look at drop off and pick-up times, thank-you. We hope this will help you to know what your child has been doing during their session time with us and be a starting point for any conversations between you and your children to share and talk together about their nursery day and play experiences.

As you can see from the walk and talk board this week the children have been engaged in a variety of fun Autumnal activities both indoors and out as part of our learning and finding out about Autumn. We also did some observational drawings of our autumn treasures including pumpkins, leaves, apples and conkers and on Friday the children enjoyed some vegetable printing with real vegetables which were also added to the domestic role play home corner.

In the garden we have been looking for and detecting the signs of Autumn; noticing the changing colours of the autumn leaves falling to the ground which the children used for their leaf rubbings, paintings and added to our sensory tray. They also collected apples from the orchard in the Meadow Garden ready to make apple crumble this week.
In the Mud kitchen it has been a hive of activity with the children cooking and baking with pumpkins, leaves and pine cones creating some interesting and unique recipes. I think they may begin to get a little spookier next week!
Some children have been mini beast hunting looking for and finding spiders hiding in and around the garden and some indoors too! Did you know spiders have 8 legs, can run very fast and curl up in ball to hide from you! We found some hiding in the red jelly bath along with some snakes in the water/sensory tray as we explored and investigated this new texture. It’s a bit like jelly without the stickiness.

The children continue to enjoy their learning in the garden, making the most of all it has to offer, running freely and experimenting moving in different ways, riding bikes and scooters, using the climbing, balancing and adventure trail equipment supporting their developing gross motor and balance skills. There has been lots of activity and engagement in the sand-pit, making sandcastles, digging, scooping, transporting sand and hiding and finding buried treasure. Some children have been practising their gross motor planning and physical skills to use the digger to pick-up and transport sand from one area to another. Others have particularly enjoyed and worked together to make ball and vehicles runs with tubing and guttering on the big hill. It’s great fun to see if it will work and how fast they will travel and even more fun to try and catch them in a tyre or bucket at the bottom of the hill without them bouncing out. It’s so exciting!
Some lovely co-operative play and team work has been observed this week, supported by the adults, with the children using sand-timers to share and take turns with favoured toys and resources, especially turn-taking with the balance bikes. Well done children, this is great to see.

We hope you have enjoyed the weekend and look forward to more fun and learning this week. Can’t believe we are nearly at the end of the first half of the Autumn term already!
The Butterflies team.