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Welcome back everyone, we hope you all had a lovely half term holiday enjoying doing some of your favourite things together despite the initial wet and windy weather. Thank-you for sharing your holiday photos with us on tapestry - we always love to see them.

At the end of the half term, we very sadly said goodbye to Becci and know the children and staff will all miss her. Thank-you Becci for all the fun learning experiences, love and care you have given to the children during your time with us, helping them to flourish and grow. 😥

We are delighted to welcome Emma into Butterflies as our new member of staff. Emma joined us just before half-term and has been getting to know all the children in Butterflies and finding out about their interests and the things they enjoy. Emma will be with us in the mornings. 😀

I’m pleased to say the children have settled happily back into the nursery routines and we have enjoyed hearing about their half term holiday adventures.

It has been a busy week with lots going on across the week. On Tuesday (Shrove Tuesday) which is also known if not better known as Pancake Day🥞 We joined in the customary celebrations enjoying pancakes with a sprinkling of sugar, syrup and a touch of lemon juice for snack (yum yum!) and pop corn too for those unable to have pancakes. Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day is celebrated amongst the Christian community and marks the beginning of lent. On Shrove Tuesday a feast of pancakes would be eaten before fasting began on Ash Wednesday - the 40 days leading up to Easter. It also marks the beginning of Spring.

In the water tray we added real lemons cut in half which the children enjoyed squeezing and squirting the juice into the water. Good for their developing hand strength and fine motor skills. It gave a lovely refreshing scent to the room too! They have also enjoyed water pouring, filling and emptying containers and practiced good sharing and turn-taking with the favoured water toys with a little help from the adults. Sea creatures were added following the children’s interests from listening to favourite stories and watching the snail and the whale, using their imagination to recreate and develop their own storyline rescuing the sea creatures from the big sharks and giving rides through the waves to safety.

In the garden we have been noticing the signs of spring with the emerging spring flowers coming into bloom. We discovered mini daffodils, snow drops and some brightly coloured crocus – purple and yellow, telling us spring is definitely on the way. With all the rain the garden became water logged and very muddy much to the delight of the children. They had great fun slipping and sliding down the hill into what became a very muddy, boggy, squelchy, grassy puddle. It was hard to tell the difference between the muddy children and the muddy puddles; but what fun they had with much laughter (maybe not so for the adults with all the changing!!) It was great fun though jumping, splashing, running through, rolling and spinning round and round on bottoms in the mud. A lovely opportunity for the children to practice moving in different ways and to express their pleasure and delight.

In the art area there has been lots of creativity – painting in Spring colours, collage, gluing and sticking and some wonderful observational drawings and paintings of daffodils which we will continue into next week.

In the sensory tray we started the week with goop, scoops and pots- the children helped to mix in yellow paint to transform the goop from plain white to a spring yellow colour. This offers a different texture and sensory experience for our children and again supports their developing fine motor skills as well as finding out it they can mould it and then see it return to liquid. Thinking about world book day and one of our favourite stories – Goldilocks and The Three Bears we added oats and different size pots and spoons alongside the storybook.

We had a lovely day celebrating world book day with the children on Thursday sharing our love of books. We have enjoyed reading many favourite stories and nursery rhymes together across the week – not everyone comes in on a Thursday. The children were super excited to come dressed as their favourite story book character and loved showing off their costumes and sharing their favourite story book from home with both the adults and their friends. They all looked fabulous! We really enjoyed this special time together and the opportunity to read and share the children’s favourite books and stories from home encouraging the love of books and reading. Thank-you for joining in.

Following the children’s interest in following and developing their own narrative in their self-directed imaginative and pretend play we added the mini puppet theatre which they enjoyed playing with to recreate known stories and used the puppets to make up their own. We will be adding to this next week. They have also enjoyed doing story and nursery rhyme puzzles.

Lots of children have enjoyed making their own little story books at the graphics table putting their creative ideas on paper, making marks on paper, picture drawings and writing to tell the story. There were Princesses needing rescue, goodies and baddies and some magic too! They have also sorted and sequenced pictures in order to tell the story. We enhanced all our areas with books to encourage and foster the love of books and future reading.
So much in one week!!

Hope you all enjoy the rest of the week-end and look forward to seeing tomorrow,
The Butterflies team🦋
Liz, Zainab, Anne, Emily, Angie, Cathy, Tami, Helen, Katie and Emma.