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Another busy, fun filled week in Bumblebees has been enjoyed by all! The children are all coming in really well and settling quickly at an activity of their choice. They are familiar with their pegs now and know where to find their coats for outside play.

We have had a wonderful week playing outside in the fresh air. The children have had so much fun going down the slide, digging in the sand, kicking and throwing balls, stomping with the dinosaurs, jumping and splashing in the puddles made with the water tray, riding bikes and building homes with the bricks! So much physical play to aid the development of gross motor skills, balance and co-ordination, boosting confidence and self-esteem, as well as supporting cognitive development.

We have been learning about ourselves and looking at our faces in the mirrors. The children have enjoyed learning the names of our facial features features eg. eyes, nose, cheeks, lips and pointing to them on request. The idea in mind was to draw the circle shapes for our face and add features but the children have particularly enjoyed just looking at themselves in the mirrors and pulling faces! The simple things are always the best!

On the playdough table we have made faces and gardens with the natural materials. Conkers, fir cones, leaves and shells have been used creatively. If you would like to make playdough at home here is a recipe that we use:- 3 cups of plain flour, 1 cup of salt, 2 tea spoons of cream of tartar, 3 table spoons of cooking oil and a little food colouring. Cook it all in a saucepan over a low heat, until formed into a ball and then knead until soft and squidgy. You can then keep this in an airtight container for ages!

We continued playing with the wooden houses and talking about our homes and who lives where? This included talk about animals and where they may live as we explored the world around us. It was interesting listening to the children talk about whether their homes were big or small and how many bedrooms they have and who sleeps where. Sounds like lots of you have children in your beds as many of them told us they sleep with Mummy and Daddy. We’ll tackle this over the coming months with lots of stories and conversations and hopefully you’ll get a good nights sleep soon! (There is hope!) 🙂

In the Sensory tray we have been filling and emptying pasta and lentils. The children have learnt some key vocabulary such as full, empty, lots and few. Lots of learning through exploration and problem solving whilst developing language and motor skills.

Our art room has been busy with lots of water play, painting and glueing and sticking. The children love exploring the materials and experimenting with the variety of resources. The pasta sunk in the water tray, along with the star fish. The fish floated with the plastic cups. The paints made different colours as they mixed together and the glue looked mesmerising as it dripped onto the paper and things actually stuck! This is where so much learning happens as the children get creative with their ideas.

We have finally made the ‘Family Tree' in the classroom and the children have been busy painting their leaves, ready for their family photo from home. Please, if you haven't done so already, can you send in a family photo that we can stick on our tree. We have found in the past that the children enjoy talking to their friends and adults about who is in their family and showing them their photo. It is also a lovely, comforting, reassurance when children feel a little sad. We will laminate the photos to keep them safe and return them at the end of the year. Alternatively, send it to me at and I will print it for you. Thank you in advance.

The story group have been listening to 'Just like Jasper' about a Cat who goes to the toy shop with his Birthday money to buy a new toy, what will he buy? The Attention and listening group have engaged with Brown bear, brown bear and enjoyed watching and labelling the animal that was being created with the paint. We will continue with this book next week as there is so much learning involved e.g. animal names, colours and lots of repetition!

Some of our favourite songs have been Five in the bed, See the slippery crocodile, the rainbow song and the wheels on the bus. We hope you have been hearing lots of singing at home as the songs become familiar to the children.

We always have water play inside and outside and have had a lot of wet clothes this week. Please can we have a spare bag to pop the wet clothes in for you. Socks are always handy as lots of water is poured onto feet. Many thanks.

As always, please ‘like’ our Tapestry posts so we can see who has read them. You can add a comment or add entries of your own too. We love to share photos with the children and hear them talk fondly about their activities or just enjoy looking at the photos.

Next week we will be designing Christmas cards (sorry about that, I know it’s too early!) We need to get them sent off for printing so they can be ordered and back in time for Christmas!