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It has been lovely catching up with most of you this week and hearing about your wonderful Half term breaks. Sorry to hear some of you have been unwell, but we are so glad you are now on the mend. Please remember to upload photos of your adventures onto Tapestry. We love to see what you have been up to and share the entries with the children.

This week saw Shrove Tuesday, which is also known as Pancake Day and celebrated by the Christian Community all around the world. It is known as Pancake day as traditionally people would use up the remaining eggs, milk, butter and sugar in their homes to enjoy a sweet treat before Lent. The children have enjoyed talking about what they like to eat on their pancakes, some healthy and some not! In Nursery we had some real pancakes at snack time with Blueberries and Banana. Yummy, yummy! In our role play area we tossed some pretend pancakes in the pan and fed them to the three bears. One child told us “they taste like cardboard!”

Thursday was World Book Day and we had such fun celebrating our love of books and dressing up! The children really enjoyed bringing in a book from home and sharing them with their friends and grown ups. We have read books about Dinosaurs, Diggers, Witches, Frogs, Bees, Tigers and Ducks! Just to name a few! We have learnt lots of new vocabulary and Makaton signs whilst hopefully fostering the children’s enjoyment of books and a love of reading. We loved seeing all the fantastic costumes this week and the staff enjoyed dressing up too!

Our main activities have been presented along with with our favourite stories. The playdough has been manipulated into ‘Hungry caterpillars’ who ate lots of leaves and became big caterpillars. The tea set was on the tuff tray with yellow rice and sand as we explored filling, emptying and mixing with the tiny spoons, whilst retelling the story of the ‘Tiger who came to tea’. ‘Walking through the Jungle’ and learning the names of the animals and finding them in the book was a lovely activity. Who knew there are cars and trains in the jungle too?

With the first signs of Spring in mind, we have explored all things yellow in our Sensory tray. When learning the names of colours it is recommended to learn one at a time to avoid confusion of too many colour names at once. We have labelled the objects “yellow car”, “yellow duck” for example and revisited ‘same and different’ along with other early concepts.

We practised using our fine motor skills to make beautiful coloured patterns using the little pegs. It is very tricky to pick them up using a tripod grasp and is great practice of our fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. We compared the colours to those on Elmer and matched the pegs to the colours on the page. There are so many beautiful colour names to learn!

The garden has been a bit wet this week but that didn’t stop us having fun outside. Please remember to send your child in with a coat, waterproof clothes and Wellington boots. We are out in all weathers and as we know our weather can change at the drop of a hat! Our new trampoline arrived this week and we just need to put it together before practising our jumping and enhancing our physical skills.

Unfortunately COVID is still going around and we are making provision to accept more children into our class temporarily next week as two members of the Ladybird staff are Isolating. This may mean that drop off and pick up times may take a little longer than usual as we welcome and handover children safely. If you are in a hurry please let us know beforehand and we will do our best to make sure your child is ready. Thank you for your continued understanding especially during these tricky times.

We hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week.

Sarah, Steph, Hattie and Sarah 🐝