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What another strange week we’ve had in Ladybirds, With more staff off it has been another challenging one but our little ladybirds have coped so well with the changes again. Well Done everyone and thank you so much to all the parents for your patience through this difficult time. The sunshine towards the end of the week certainly cheered us all up and the children spent most of their day exploring the outside area, the big garden and bumblebees little garden.

This week we have focused on spring with flowers and bright colours, ( and some exciting gifts for our mummies/special people in our lives). We will be continuing more on this next week too. 🌼

In the Tuff tray we had lentils made into a flower and lots of petals scattered around the tray. The children really Enjoyed filling and emptying the bowls then transporting them into the role play, or manipulating them into the play dough and hiding them.

On the play dough table we had two different colours of dough with flower pots, flowers, lollipop sticks and rolling pins. The children enjoyed mixing the colours together and squeezing it to see the marble type affect it made. We made some beautiful flowers with the sticks and the pots. We also read the book Titch and tried to recreate his large flower he grew in the book, I don’t think we quite made it that big but we had a good try! 🌻

In our mark making area we have decorated some special plant pots ready for planting some seeds next week.
We had some beautiful daffodils in the middle of the table for the children to attempt some observational drawing with a variety of different tools. We had crayons, chalk, pen, pencils and even paint. Some of the children really looked at the flowers, telling us the colours were Yellow and Green, and that the middle part of the flower “ was like a circle” .
Observational drawing is great for children as it encourages them to slow down and learn to draw what they actually see rather than what they think.

Our role play has been moved around to look more homely, we’ve added flowers and a tea set to encourage that pretend play that they might see at home. This week I’ve had a variety of food made for me, toast and eggs, tomatoes and cheese and lots of delicious cups of teas. The children even made sure they added my two sugars and some milk. Then I had real water added into the cups and brought to me( this did get very messy)😅

I’m our calm corner, we have had a variety of different building items and fiddle toys to encourage some of the children to engage in more personalised and adult directed games. When setting up the planning and the room we think about each and every child, and whether the activities are appropriate. We try to get every child engaged in whatever way they feel comfortable so they can get the best out of the environment.

On Friday it was Red Nose Day so the Tuff tray was everything Red! When teaching colour to children it’s better to teach it one colour at a time to avoid any confusion it may cause. We had some “ Red ladybirds”, “Red shapes “ and “Red pom poms”.
Two photos to show you the beginning vs the aftermath 😂

I also wanted to show you the finished display board that the children worked so hard on during world book week, the children have been recognising the story and recalling it.

Our songs have been Incy Wincy spider, 5 little speckled frogs, The rainbow Song, and wind the bobbin up.
Our story has been Monkey puzzle, which the children have shown so much enjoyment with. Some of the children said they had it at home so they joined in when I read it, which was lovely.

We hope you all had a great half term week, it has been lovely having all of the children back with great big smiles. We have heard all about what the children have been doing in half term, and they’ve all appeared very happy and excited to be back with us.

This week our focus has been all around the Bear Hunt story book which has tied in nicely to world book day which was on Thursday.
The bear hunt seems to be one of the favourite books that the children constantly choose, so we decided to do a full week on it.
This book encourages children to join in with the repetitive patterns, it draws them in to remember and recall the story themselves.

Each day we had a page of the book presented in our Tuff Tray in order. We had a variety of different textures for the children to explore using all their senses.
On Monday it was the long wavy grass which we used Kale, and had the characters from the book as stick puppets so the children could act out the page.
On Tuesday it was the thick oozy mud, to which we used coco powder and the characters. The coco powder was a definite favourite of the week, the children where absolutely covered but at least they smelt delicious.
On Wednesday it was the big dark forest, we used wholewheat spaghetti with tweezers and pots.
On Thursday we had the swirling whirling snowstorm, we used lots of shredded paper for the snow storm. The paper didn't stay in the tray long it ended up around the entire room😅 not sure what the cleaners thought of that!
On Friday unfortunately we didn't get to complete our tuff tray as two ladybird members of staff went off poorly so the children joined bumblebees room for the day and they appeared to have a great day🐝.

We used the resources from the tuff trays and extras to make some collages of each page of the book and make a big display, this was to make sure we didn't have any waste this week. Our little ladybirds are such a creative bunch, they show a lot of interest in sitting together as a group and completing multiple craft activities.

On Tuesday it was pancake day, traditionally known as shrove Tuesday which is the traditional feast day before the start of Lent, traditionally a time of fasting. For this we turned our role play into a pancake cafe this week, and tried some tasty pancakes and fruit for snack.

In the construction area we had the cars and bricks with the wooden garage. The children enjoyed exploring the bricks and making large ramps for the cars to run down.

On the table we have had some lovely new activities that were brought from the amazon wish list for us, some new puzzles and some small balancing blocks the children have all engaged in. Thank you all so much for your amazing generosity in buying from the wish list for us, we all really appreciate it.

It was lovely for all of the children to bring in their own favourite books and dress up this week. So many of the children enjoyed reading a variety of different books that were brought in. Reading books are beneficial to children early development, it allows children to understand various emotions. This helps in their emotional and social development since they learn to associate their feelings with words and find a way to express themselves better. It creates a wonderful bonding experiences between families and even friends.